Good vibes on Good Friday

For the first time in a LONG time, we have time off work. Excited is an understatement. 4 days of doing things together which won’t get interrupted by randomly placed music lessons and emergency call outs to massage injured, aching muscles.  You’d think that we would be relaxing spending quality time together… But, unfortunately for Jon, I can’t sit still for too long.  The weekend is planned full.

Today is allotment day.  I’m hoping that this is everyone else’s idea down at the site.  We have met a few people over the last few months but it would be nice to meet a few more and have a chat over a cuppa.  I like the social aspect of having a plot and making new, likeminded friends.

We will be planting our first early potatoes, our remaining onions and possibly sowing some carrot, beetroot and radish seeds.  Also, we aim to remove all the covering plastic and finish digging over the plot.  We might even do an allotment tour video of our tiny plot if we get time.

So, while Jon finishes his (late) breakfast, I’m going to get the stuff together for a decidedly warm, relaxing and successful day on the plot.

To those that are doing the same, happy plotting and I can’t wait to read your updates.

Danielle & Jon

The Vegan Veg Gardeners

Ps. We should really get a sign made for the plot….


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