Lemon and Coconut Porridge

We thought we’d start a series of posts with breakfast recipes to set you up for a day on the allotment. Some of these you may even be able to cook at the plot (depending on your shed facilities).

The recipes are quick and easy with oodles of flavour. The aim is to fill up your belly with enough sustenance to get you through to lunch and beyond, allowing for loads of time for work and tea.

This recipe is citrusy, sweet and indulgent. If you like lemon desserts, this is your thing. I have reduced the measurements slightly as Jon felt it was slightly too dessert-like so feel free to up or lower the ingredients slightly to your taste. As long as you keep the oat, water and salt measurement the same, the porridge base will be good every time.

Another plus to this porridge bowl is that it takes 5 minutes to make and has no dairy.  You seriously do not need milk in porridge. I know so many people that add it to make it creamier. This is so indulgent it really isn’t required.

Lemon and Coconut Porridge

Prep: 2 minutes    Cooking: 3-5 minutes

(makes enough for 1 serving) 


Zest of 1/2 lemon (unwaxed)

1/2 cup dry oats

1/4 cup Dessicated coconut

1 cup water

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1 heaped tsp sweetener of your choice (we used golden syrup for indulgence)

Pinch salt

Topping advice

For topping we added chia seeds and raw cacao nibs for some extra dense calcium and potassium top ups. You can add what you like; flaked almonds would be quite tasty. We’d say hold off on the fruit though, it’s quite dessert like in taste already so fruit might over do it.

What to do:

  1. Chuck dry ingredients in a pan.
  2. Add wet ingredients.
  3. Cook on hob until thickened.
  4. Top and eat.

I’m not joking… it really is that easy!


Lemon and Coconut Porridge topped with Chia Seeds and Raw Cacao Nibs


We’d love to hear your feedback on this recipe and any other post on the blog. Also, if you have any variations, share! We’d love to try your ideas too!

Happy cooking!

Danielle & Jon


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